Graduate Programs

The School of Information graduate programs prepare students for the many and varied careers, which can be found wherever information and information technologies are at work: in public, academic, and special libraries; entrepreneurial businesses; large corporations; consulting and research groups; legal firms; all levels of educational institutions; a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations, such as museums, archives and medical institutions; as well as local, state, national and international government agencies.

IDEA Learning Community

The School of Information offers a unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing the Master of Science in Information or the Master of Science in Information Technology. The IDEA Learning Community is a funded on-campus opportunity for students who share common academic goals and attitudes to meet and collaborate in the areas of innovation, digital fluency, entrepreneurship, and advocacy (IDEA). Students will select from one of the following areas of specialization – web developer and administrator, computer security systems analyst, digital youth specialist, or health informaticist – and a specific program of study will be provided that outlines completion of the program in 3-4 consecutive semesters. Opportunities for interdisciplinary and career-focused learning, as well as hands-on experience will be available. For more information and to apply, visit the IDEA Learning Community website.