What can I do with an MSI?

The field of Information blends the basic human need for information with involvement in cutting-edge technology and the development of systems for acquiring, storing, organizing and delivering information. The critical function of the information professional is to fit human needs to information systems rather than requiring humans to fit information systems.
But what if I don’t see myself working in a library setting?

Help People Locate, Use, and Understand Information

Information professionals work in some of the most diverse and fascinating professional fields available today. Our graduates are employed in a wide variety of disciplines involving the design, implementation and use of online information systems. They are engaged in the business of helping other people locate, use and understand the information they need for daily living and decision making. The current emphasis on the information sector of our economy makes this an exciting field of study.

Goldstein Library Graduate Assistants
Goldstein Library Graduate Assistants

Graduates of our School are in demand in the workforce, and are employed by:

  • Libraries
  • Corporations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Educational Institutions

LIS Careers Include:

  • Computer user-support specialists
  • Librarians
  • Educators
  • Museum professionals
  • Network administrators and managers
  • End-user trainers
  • Systems analysts
  • Information architects
  • Researchers
  • Usability analysts
  • Information product evaluators
  • Web developers and administrators
  • Information researchers
  • Information systems managers
  • Information technology planners