Student Research

Dissertation TitleAuthorDateProfessor Directing DissertationDigiNole
US Foreign-Born Mothers’ Information Behaviors Related to HPV and HPV Vaccination: A Three-Article DissertationAliche, Obianuju2023Dr. Mia Lustria
The Dynamics of Open Research Data Repository for Health Sciences in UniversitiesMuhamad Wibowo2023Dr. Marcia Mardis
Exploring Factors Related to Mental Health Information Seeking and Mental Health Help Seeking in Young AdultsMuhamad Gonzalez, Juan2023Dr. Mia Lustria
Undergraduate Student Leadership Reflections in an Academic Innovation CenterSaludo, Rienne2022Dr. Paul Marty
Self-Archiving Adoption in Legal Scholarly Communication: Are We There Yet?Wang, Fang2022Dr. Gary Burnett
Herstories: An Asset-Based Study of Black Women Faculty in ComputingChatmon, Christy2022Dr. Marcia Mardis
Decision Dynamics and Human-Computer Interaction in Online Health Information Seeking: A Behavioral Information Research ExplorationChen, Tsangyao2022Dr. Melissa Gross
College Students’ Fake News Discernment: Critical Thinking, Locus of Control, Need for Cognition, and the Ability to Discern Fact from OpinionBak, Hyerin2022Dr. Melissa Gross
Building a Community of Practice of Research Data Curators - A Qualitative StudyHan, Na-eun2022Dr. Besiki Stvilia
The Unequal Burden of Breast Cancer: An Exploration of Information Behaviors and Racial Disparities in Genomic Screening DecisionsGerido, Lynette2021Dr. Michelle Kazmer
The Relationships Among Information Consumption, E-Health Literacy, and Information Avoidance in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Structural Equation Modeling StudyAgharazidermani, Maedeh2021Dr. Michelle Kazmer
Information-Seeking Behavior in Multilingual Digital Libraries: A Study of the Saudi Digital LibraryAlsalmi, Hany2021Dr. Marcia Mardis
Exploring the Knowledge Curation Work of WikidataKanke, Timothy2021Dr. Besiki Stvilia
Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Modeling of Electronic Health Records in Patients with Cardiovascular DiseasesPayrovnaziri, Seyedeh Neelufar2021Dr. Zhe He
Examining Shadow-IT Employees’ Likelihood to Commit Insider Fraud Insights from Guardianship and Target AttractivenessShaikh, Asif2021Dr. Michelle Kazmer
An Examination of Factors Influencing Government Employees to Use Social Media in Saudi Arabian Government AgenciesAlbahlal, Bader2021Dr. Charles Hinnant
Smartwatch Adoption within the Running CommunityRamos, Nathaniel2019Dr. Lorri Mon
Peer Production of Knowledge in Online Social Q&A Communities at Startup StageFu, Hengyi2019Dr. Besiki Stvilia
Four Leadership Theories in Relation to the Pre-service Preparation of the School Librarian for the Role of Technology LeaderElBasri, Teralee2019Dr. Marcia Mardis
“We Could Do Better”: The Presence, Absence, and Librarian Perceptions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Resources in Small and Rural Public Libraries in AlabamaBetts-Green, Crystal Dawn2019Dr. Don Latham
Black Immigrants, Information Access, & Information Overload: A Three-article DissertationNdumu, Ana 2018Dr. Gary Burnett
Urban Principals' Perceptions of School Librarians' Technology Leadership RolesNewsum, Janice Moore 2018Dr. Marcia Mardis
Wrong planet, right library: College students with autism spectrum disorder and the academic libraryAnderson, Amelia Maclay 2016Dr. Nancy Everhart
What factors influence the use of the public library for health information?Baeg, Jung Hoon 2016Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Implementation of succession planning and management programs in academic libraries: A mixed-method study about leadership and other factors that contribute to deans' decisionsCarmichael, Lisandra R. 2016Dr. Melissa Gross
Do you do birthday parties?: Caregivers' perceptions of emergent literacy programming in libraries and their motivation for attendingClark, Laura K. 2016Dr. Melissa Gross
The socially inclusive role of curatorial voice: A qualitative comparative study of the use of gatekeeping mechanisms and the co-creation of identity in museumsColeman, Laura-Edythe Sarver 2016Dr. Paul Marty
In- and out-of-character: The digital literacy practices and emergent information worlds of active role-players in a new Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing GameHollister, Jonathan M. 2016Dr. Don Latham
Citizens' political information behaviors during elections on Twitter in South Korea: Information worlds of opinion leadersLee, Ji Sue 2016Dr. Lorri Mon
Information exchanged in mentoring between faculty advisors and their doctoral studentsLee, Jongwook 2016Dr. Gary Burnett
Dr. Kathleen Burnett
The information worlds of school librarians as digital learning leadersLuetkemeyer, Jennifer R. 2016Dr. Marcia Mardis
Exploring social semantic relationships for knowledge representation in health through mining social dataPark, Min Sook 2016Dr. Gary Burnett
The empathetic librarian: Rural librarians as a source of support for rural cyberbullied young adultsPhillips, Abigail Leigh 2016Dr. Marcia Mardis
Using social networks for library funding advocacy: A discourse analysis of the "Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries" Facebook campaignSpears, Laura I. 2016Dr. Lorri Mon
Exploring data curation work in a national clinical registry: A case study of the CathPCI Registryvon Eberstein, Alison M. 2016Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Investigating Music Information ObjectsWeissenberger, Lynnsey K. 2016Dr. Michelle Kazmer
Dr. Corinne Jörgensen
Photovoice of the cesarean experience: Cameraphone photography and knowledge sharing by women who have undergone cesarean sectionsYu, Casey 2016Dr. Michelle Kazmer
A new framework of web credibility assessment and an exploratory study of older adults' information behavior on the webChoi, Wonchan 2015Dr. Besiki Stvilia
Developing Southern libraries to influence the life of the African-American user: An exploratory, archival analysisJohnson, AIsha Montae 2015Dr. Paul Marty
The leadership role of school librarians in the adoption of digital textbooks: Evaluating school librarians' stages of concern in Florida and South KoreaKang, Ji Hei 2015Dr. Nancy Everhart
Research data curation practices in institutional repositories and data identifiersLee, Dong Joon 2015Dr. Besiki Stvilia
Exploring the Information-Seeking Behavior of the Staff and Students of the Florida Virtual SchoolMilas, Theodore Patrick, Jr. 2015Dr. Eliza Dresang
Ernestine Rose and the Harlem Public Library: Theory testing using historical sourcesSkinner, Julia 2015Dr. Melissa Gross
Mapping the social world boundaries of interdisciplinary teams: Processes for working across disciplinesAlemanne, Nicole Dolores 2014Dr. Paul Marty
What's expected, what's required, and what's measured: A comparative qualitative content analysis of the national professional standards for school librarians, and their job descriptions and performance evaluations in FloridaElkins, Aaron J. 2014Dr. Marcia Mardis
Interacting with health information for self-care: An exploratory study of undergraduate students' health information literacyMa, Jinxuan 2014Dr. Don Latham
Exploring the data management and curation (DMC) practices of scientists in research labs within a research universitySmith, Plato L., II 2014Dr. Paul Marty
The roles of digital libraries as boundary objects within and across social and information worldsWorrall, Adam 2014Dr. Michelle Kazmer
Exploring the data work organization of the gene ontologyWu, Shuheng 2014Dr. Besiki Stvilia
Gifted youth and their hobbies: An exploration of information behaviorCarruth, Debi 2013Dr. Don Latham
The influence of place-based communities on information behavior: A comparative grounded theory analysisGibson, Amelia N. 2013Dr. Michelle Kazmer
Adolescents' information behavior when isolated from peer groups: Lessons from new immigrant adolescents' everyday life information seekingKoo, Joung Hwa 2013Dr. Melissa Gross
The description and indexing of editorial cartoons: An exploratory studyLandbeck, Christopher Ryan 2013Dr. Corinne Jörgensen
Adults living with Type 2 diabetes: Kept personal health information items as expressions of needWhetstone, Melinda 2013Dr. Melissa Gross
An investigation of the use of synchronous text-based communication technologies by undergraduate university studentsAustin, Richard John 2012Dr. Gary Burnett
United States federal health care websites: A multimethod evaluation of website accessibility for individuals with disabilities.Brobst, John L. 2012Dr. Charles McClure
An approach to formalizing ontology driven semantic integration: Concepts, dimensions and frameworkGao, Wenlong 2012Dr. Corinne Jörgensen
Information and culture: Cultural differences in the perception and recall of information from advertisementsKim, Ji-Hyun 2012Dr. Melissa Gross
Lost in the labyrinthine library: A multi-method case study investigating public library user wayfinding behaviorMandel, Lauren Heather 2012Dr. Melissa Gross
Exploring the effect of cognitive load on the propensity for query reformulation behaviorNa, Kyoungsik 2012Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Consumer health information behavior in public libraries: A mixed methods studyYi, Yong Jeong 2012Dr. Don Latham
EL-Capstone scale development: An emergent literacy concept inventoryCapps, Janet L. 2011Dr. Kathleen Burnett
School librarians as technology integration leaders: Enablers and barriers to leadership enactmentJohnston, Melissa P. 2011Dr. Nancy Everhart
Proposing a theoretical framework for digital age youth information behavior building upon radical change theoryKoh, Kyungwon 2011Dr. Eliza Dresang
Neurophysiologic analysis of the effects of interactive tailored health videos on attention to health messagesLee, Jung A. 2011Dr. Mia Lustria
The institutionalization of information security governance structures in academic institutions: A case studyLuesebrink, Michael 2011Dr. Gary Burnett
The Clinton and George W. Bush administrations' FOIA policies: The presidents' influences on FOIA policiesNoh, Woojin 2011Dr. Charles McClure
The physical accessibility of public libraries to users: A GIS studyPark, Sung Jae 2011Dr. Gary Burnett
Social loafing and free riding in online learning groupsPiezon, Sherry L. 2011Dr. Gary Burnett
Examining the role of anxiety and apathy in health consumers' intentions to use patient health portals for personal health information managementTorres, Carlos A. 2011Dr. Mia Lustria
Chat reference and location-based questions: A multi-method evaluation of a statewide chat reference consortiumBishop, Bradley Wade 2010Dr. Charles McClure
Student acceptance of mobile learningDonaldson, Robin Lee 2010Dr. Gary Burnett
Sign of the librarian in the cinema of horror: An exploration of filmic functionGraham, Antoinette G. 2010Dr. Gary Burnett
Perception of quality in genome annotation workHuang, Hong 2010Dr. Corinne Jörgensen
Assessment of online learners' performance using Effective Note-taking in Chat in Online Learning (ENCO)Kim, Joonmin 2010Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Evaluative metadata in educational digital libraries: How users use evaluative metadata in the process of document selectionYou, Soeun 2010Dr. Michelle Kazmer
The domain shared by computational and digital ontology: A phenomenological exploration and analysisCompton, Bradley Wendell 2009Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Growing up with Harry Potter: What motivated youth to read?Drouillard, Colette L. 2009Dr. Eliza Dresang
Found in translation: A mixed methods study of decision making by U.S. editors who acquire children's books for translationGoldsmith, Annette Y. 2009Dr. Eliza Dresang
The rural public library as place in North Florida: A case studyMost, Linda R. 2009Dr. Wayne Wiegand
The information behavior of Puerto Rican migrants to Central Florida, 2003-2009: Grounded analysis of six case studies use of social networks during the migration processRodriguez-Mori, Howard 2009Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Multi-method evaluation of federal web sites in terms of access for individuals to records maintained by executive agenciesSnead, John T. 2009Dr. Charles McClure
Exploring cultural variation in eye movements on a Web page between *Americans and KoreansYang, Changwoo 2009Dr. Corinne Jörgensen
Global broadband diffusion: Identifying the factors affecting a country's broadband deployment and a government's role in itKum, Heisung 2008Dr. John Carlo Bertot
The scholarly use of journals offered through the Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) and Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA) programs as suggested by the journal-citing patterns of authors in the least -developed nationsRoss, Sheri V. T. 2008Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Be careful little eyes what you see: Factors affecting challenges to materials in private college preparatory school librariesFranklin, Renee E. 2006Dr. Kathleen Burnett
The impact of collaborative tools on digital reference users: An exploratory studyHodges, Ruth A. 2006Dr. Gary Burnett
Multi-method evaluation of United States federal electronic government websites in terms of accessibility for persons with disabilitiesJaeger, Paul T. 2006Dr. Charles McClure
User performance using an ontology -driven information retrieval (ONTOIR) systemYi, Myongho 2006Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Culture and information needs in Web -based learning: An instrumental case study of multilingual graduate studentsDagli, Arif 2005Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Information interaction and behavior of distance education students in Web-based environmentsMalki, Zohair S. 2005Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Information system security: Self-efficacy and security effectiveness in Florida librariesPhelps, Daniel C. 2005Dr. John Gathegi
Graduate students' information needs from electronic information resources in Saudi ArabiaAl-Saleh, Yasir Nasser 2004Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Career patterns of women librarians who were early adopters of the InternetLadner, Sharyn Johnson 2004Dr. Jane Robbins
Usability assessment of integrated cataloging and metadata services: An exploratory study of the OCLC Connexion systemLee, Jeong-Mee 2004Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Academic librarians participation in shared governance: Effects of faculty leaders' motivational typeTurner, Brenda Gale White 2004Dr. Jane Robbins
The importance, review and holdings of contemporary African-American women's poetry and fiction in ARL libraries, 1980–1990Black-Parker, Kimberly 2003Dr. Ronald Blazek
Adult literacy programs in community information resource centers in Florida: Comparative case studiesMaatta, Stephanie Lee 2003Dr. Jane Robbins
The effect of digitally shortening and lengthening pauses on listening comprehensionReid, Ronald Gregory 2003Dr. Marcella Genz
Factors associated with research and publication productivity of library and information studies' faculty in Saudi -Arabian universitiesAl-Ghamdi, Ali Saad Al-Ali 2002Dr. Ronald Blazek
Perceptions of Internet use as academic library services' delivery medium for Web -based coursesAlzamil, Mansour A. 2002Dr. Thomas Hart
Assessing usability of menu -driven interfaces: The user -process model approachJu, Boryung 2002Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Dr. Myron Gluck
Pigeonholes and punchcards: Identifying the division between library classification research and information retrieval research, 1952–1970Miksa, Shawne D. 2002Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Classification, description and comparison of state laws related to the InternetPressman, Rebecca Ruth 2002Dr. Kathleen Burnett
Does counting count: An evaluation study of the use and impact of performance measurement in Florida public librariesWhite, Larry Nash 2002Dr. Jane Robbins
Information seeking behavior of older adults: Typology of learners with an optimistic outlookWoo, Ruth Sawyer 2002Dr. Jane Robbins
An examination of categorical attributions through the lens of Reference Group TheoryBonnici, Laurie Jo 2001Dr. Elfreda Chatman
The effect of the process of collaboration among elementary school library media specialists, teachers, and principals on student achievement in Georgia elementary schoolsChambers, Paula Haver 2001Dr. Eliza Dresang
The impact of leadership behavior on organizational commitment and job autonomy of information services librariansParrish, Darlene Ann 2001Dr. Ronald Blazek
Factors affecting international students use of the online catalog and other information sourcesAbdullah, Aman Salem 2000Dr. F William Summers
The utilization of the World Wide Web for decision -making in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) business settings: The case of DubaiAl-Hosini, Shaheen Abdullah 2000Dr. Ronald Blazek
Educators' perceptions of mediated information retrieval servicesClark-Claytor, Elizabeth Blackwell 2000Dr. Ronald Blazek
School library media services and the integration of the vocational education and academic curricula in three Florida high schools: A comparative case studyThomas, Margie Jean Klink 2000Dr. Thomas Hart
The use of the Internet as a research tool by faculty at the schools of information studies (IS) in the United StatesAlsehli, Fahad 1999Dr. Thomas Hart
Perceptions of public library directors regarding job satisfaction of reference librariansLandry, Marie Broussard 1999Dr. Gene Sherron
Perceptions held by academic library directors and chief academic officers about challenges experienced by current academic library directors as an indication of cognitive dissonanceMcElrath, Rebecca Eileen 1999Dr. F William Summers
The use of scaffolding agents in homeschool learning environments of early adolescents: A case study conducted in Tallahassee, FloridaDanley, Elizabeth Brennen 1998Dr. Jane Robbins
Perceived performance and disconfirmation of expectations as measures of customer satisfaction with information services in the academic libraryMaddox-Swan, Ruth 1998Dr. F William Summers
An investigation of the relationship of selected planning strategies and success in funding library programs at historically Black colleges and universities: 1982-1992Royster, Vivian Joan Hall 1998Dr. Ronald Blazek
Transaction Log Analysis as a method to measure the frequencies of searcher access to library research guidesShelfer, Katherine Mitchell 1998Dr. Elizabeth Logan
The vocational interests and job perceptions of chief information officers and directors of libraries according to Holland's vocational theoryStinson, Willette Fredrika 1998Dr. Thomas Hart
A comparative study of the perceptions of the school library media specialist's role as perceived by principals, teachers, and school library media specialists in public schools in the State of KuwaitAli, Abdulrazzaq Hussain 1997Dr. Thomas Hart
A comparison of the roles of the school library media specialist and the computer/technology teacher within the same school environment in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School SystemAndrews, Sandra Dobbins 1997Dr. Thomas Hart
Assessment of the undergraduate Library and Information Science program in the College of Basic Education in the state of Kuwait through the development and application of global standards: A case studyAl-Khabbaz, Ali Fakher 1996Dr. F William Summers
A study of reading and library use among Nobel LaureatesForde, Janet Lynch 1996Dr. F William Summers
Influence of several screen design variables on the usability of an OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog): An empirical investigationKim, Mi-hyeon 1996Dr. Charles Conaway
An examination of the level of library service provided for off-campus programs according to the Association of College and Research Libraries "Guidelines for Extended-Campus Library Services"Lahmon, Jo Ann 1996Dr. John DePew
A study of the andragogical/pedagogical educational orientation of academic bibliographic instruction librariansNaito, Marilyn 1996Dr. Ronald Blazek
A study of the introduction of the Internet to selected public libraries in FloridaPulliam, Linda M. 1996Dr. F William Summers
Factors affecting the operation of a combined school/public library: A qualitative studyBauer, Patricia Thomas 1995Dr. Ronald Blazek
Gender in the information search process: An exploratory study of student experienceBurdick, Tracey Ann 1995Dr. F William Summers
A case study of network organization, performance and librarians' attitudes in Taiwan, R.O.C.Chen, Li-Ping 1995Dr. F William Summers
Career antecedents of children's librarians who have become public library directorsFordon, Elizabeth Mary 1995Dr. F William Summers
Media literacy skills: Factors influencing successful student masteryKeller-Raber, Candace Ann 1995Dr. Thomas Hart
Study of library fund-raising activities at colleges and universities in the United StatesLatour, Terry Stephen 1995Dr. John DePew
The portrayal of literacy in children's picture storybooks about African-Americans: A content analysisScott, Margaret Gethers 1995Dr. F William Summers
Strategic planning in university libraries in Saudi Arabia: An exploratory studyAl-baridi, Saleh A. 1994Dr. F William Summers
A study of the factors influencing the adoption of CD-ROM technology in libraries in Saudi ArabiaAl-Musnad, Ibrahim Abdullah 1994Dr. Charles Conaway
The design and implementation of a media production program to build self-esteem and improve the academic behavior and reading achievement of at-risk sixth-grade students: An experimental studyDandy, Cora Phelps 1994Dr. Thomas Hart
An exploratory study of intellectual access to digitized art imagesHastings, Samantha Kelly 1994Dr. Elizabeth Logan
The role of the community college reference librarian in promoting and teaching information literacyHerring, Doris Bowers 1994Dr. Mary Alice Hunt
The adequacy of the structure of the National Library of Medicine Classification Scheme for organizing pharmacy literatureLopez-Ramirez, Elsa Maria 1994Dr. Doris Clack
The characteristics and trends of the literature of map librarianship, 1853-1991: A descriptive bibliometric studyOser, Anita Katharina 1994Dr. Charles Conaway
The changing print resource base of academic libraries in the United States: A comparison of collection patterns in seventy-two ARL academic libraries of non-serial imprints for the years 1985 and 1989Perrault, Anna Hemer 1994Dr. John DePew
Personal understandings and mental models of information: A qualitative study of factors associated with the information-seeking and use of adolescentsPitts, Judy M. 1994Dr. Shirley Aaron
Planning college library buildings for information technology: Case studies of four small collegesSebright, Terence Fay 1994Dr. Thomas Hart
Factors affecting the diffusion of information technology innovation in the school library media center: A qualitative studyForrest, Linda Ann 1993Dr. Thomas Hart
Cognitive processes and the use of information: A qualitative study of higher order thinking skills used in the research process by students in a gifted programMcGregor, Joy H. 1993Dr. Elizabeth Logan
An international comparative study of school librariesSingh, Diljit 1993Dr. F William Summers
An investigation of perceived information needs and information-seeking behavior among the elderly Chinese immigrants in the Los Angeles areaSu, Sherry Shiuan 1993Dr. Charles Conaway
A study of supply and demand of library and information workers in Kuwait: Five-year projections and recommendations for human resources planningAl-Ansari, Husain Ahmed Ebrahim 1992Dr. Charles Conaway
The roles of the school library media specialist in an elementary school using a literature-based reading program: An ethnographic case studyBishop, Kay 1992Dr. Ronald Blazek
Academic information needs and information-seeking behavior of blind or low-vision and sighted college studentsBrockmeier, Kristina Crittenberger 1992Dr. Gerald Jahoda
Information-seeking behavior of judges of the Florida District Courts of AppealHainsworth, Melody May 1992Dr. F William Summers
A study of the effectiveness of public library service to young adultsHiggins, Susan E. 1992Dr. F William Summers
Treatment information channels and treatment information-seeking behavior of HIV positive persons in Dade County, Florida: A qualitative studyMacCorkle, Gwendolyn Byllesby 1992Dr. Ronald Blazek
A study regarding information-seeking behavior, valuation of information including perceptions of information attributes, and associated correlates pertaining to information usageTurner, Marsha Kay 1992Dr. Ronald Blazek
The establishment of a library networking model for the Caribbean region: A Delphi studyChavez, Maria Teresa 1991Dr. John DePew
Information needs of the rural physician: A descriptive studyDee, Cheryl Rae 1990Dr. Ronald Blazek
An analysis of the work activities of high school library media specialists in automated and nonautomated library media centers using work samplingEverhart, Nancy Lou 1990Dr. Phyllis Van Orden
A historical appraisal of the establishment, development, growth, and impact of school libraries in Puerto Rico, 1900 to 1984Figueras, Consuelo 1990Dr. John DePew
An analysis of the historical growth and development of the West Virginia Library Association and its effect upon the advancement of public librarianship in the state of West VirginiaJulian, Charles Anthony 1990Dr. Ronald Blazek
Market-based modelling for public library facility location and use-forecastingKoontz, Christine Miller 1990Dr. Mary Alice Hunt
A study of deposit collections of the Florida Division of Blind Services Library for the Blind and Physically HandicappedPack, Nancy Clara 1990Dr. Alphonse Trezza
A quasi-experimental study of student use of periodicals for independent research projects in high school librariesSelf, Sharon Williams 1990Dr. Ronald Blazek
Architectural features of contemporary academic libraries: Four case studiesBunn, Dumont C. 1989Dr. Thomas Hart
Unobtrusive evaluation of the accuracy of telephone reference services in health sciences librariesPaskoff, Beth Mehalick 1989Dr. Gerald Jahoda
Applications of CD-ROM technology for reference purposes: A survey of reference librarians in libraries of four-year colleges and universitiesPfarrer, Theodore Richard 1989Dr. Ronald Blazek
Planning for an automated cooperative library network of university libraries in Saudi Arabia: An exploratory studyAlghamidi, Falih A. 1988Dr. F William Summers
Library knowledge of international students from developing countries: A comparison of their perceptions with those of reference librariansBilal, Dania M. 1988Dr. Ronald Blazek
The use of selected management techniques in personnel evaluation and personnel development programs in public librariesCummins, Thompson Randolph 1988Dr. F William Summers
Using a computer-assisted instruction program as an alternative to the traditional library orientation/instruction tour: An evaluative studyLawson, V. Lonnie 1988Dr. F William Summers