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Information Use Management & Policy Institute

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The Information Institute conducts research that focuses on the information user, and the interaction of the user with information products, services, policies, technologies, and organizations. Of special interest is the planning and evaluation of networked and other information services.

The Institute also conducts information policy research on current issues at Federal and state levels related to public access, privacy, records management, and use of information in electronic forms as well as other topics. Dr. Marcia Mardis is the Director of the Information Institute.

Institute for Digital Information and Scientific Communication (iDigInfo)

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The Institute for Digital Information and Scientific Communication (iDigInfo) is a new research institute at the Florida State University College of Communication and Information. The institute’s mission is to advance the science of information analysis and organization, improve the research capabilities of research disciplines, and engage students in research and communication activities.

By employing their unique focus on user information seeking needs, iDigInfo works to be the top international source of information management and analysis activities, especially in the area of the capture and analysis of scientific inference and the information that supports it. Dr. Greg Riccardi is the Director and Dr. Diane Leiva is the Assistant Director of iDigInfo.