Program Information

College: Communication & Information
Degree: MSI
Limited Access: No
Contact: iSchool Student Services
Louis Shores Building (LSB)
School of Information
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2100
Phone: (850) 645-3280

Master of Science in Information

ALA Accredited Seal The Master of Science in Information enables students to gain a solid foundation in areas such as general librarianship, information architecture & technology, information needs & services, youth information needs & services, as well as design an individualized program of study. Students will gain the theoretical basis needed to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to function effectively in professional positions within Information Studies. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of the profession, in order to analyze critically their current role(s) and establish future directions for the information fields, gain knowledge of techniques and skills that underlie basic information activities, and develop the ability to adapt to changing demands and opportunities for information provision within society, including the application of emerging techniques and technologies. The Master of Science in Information can be completed online.

The field of Information blends the basic human need for information with involvement in cutting-edge technology and the development of systems for acquiring, storing, organizing and delivering information. The critical function of the information professional is to fit human needs to information systems rather than requiring humans to fit information systems.

The Master of Science and the Master of Arts degrees are accredited with Continued status by the American Library Association (ALA). Florida State University is regionally accredited (a requirement of ALA-accreditation) by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Help People Locate, Use, and Understand Information

Information professionals work in some of the most diverse and fascinating professional fields available today. Our graduates are employed in a wide variety of disciplines involving the design, implementation and use of online information systems. They are engaged in the business of helping other people locate, use and understand the information they need for daily living and decision making. The current emphasis on the information sector of our economy makes this an exciting field of study.

Program Goals

  • Students who complete the MSI/MAI core will achieve KSAs determined by relevant stakeholders, including but not limited to ALA.
  • Students who follow specific programs of study and/or complete certificates will achieve KSAs determined by industry/organizational/disciplinary standards.
  • Course objectives and descriptions will be aligned with the course content in terms of measurable outputs.
  • Achievements of individual students, alumni, and faculty will be identified and communicated.
  • Relevant stakeholders will have input into the MSI/MAI curriculum, including helping identify future faculty needs.
  • The MSI/MAI programs will work strategically toward diversity and inclusion in its curriculum and student population
  • The MSI/MAI program will explore strategic partnerships within and outside of the university for educational and research opportunities.

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