25 Years of Online Learning/75 Years of Excellence — Transforming Lives

During the upcoming academic year 2021-2022, the School of Information will be celebrating 25 years of offering courses online to students who could not, for various reasons, move to Tallahassee to pursue a degree in the information field. In addition, we will be celebrating 75 years of excellence—transforming lives.

We invite you to participate in our various celebrations throughout the upcoming year. If you are interested in being one of our featured alumni and/or being one of our storytellers for An Evening of iSchool Stories Series, please click on this link https://ischool.cci.fsu.edu/25-75/form. If you are interested in recording a shout out greeting for the celebrations that will be posted to our YouTube Channel, click on this link.

25/75 Featured alumni

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Marquita Gooch
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What’s in a name?

Before there was a School, there was a Department of Library Science going back as far as 1929. Louise Richardson was the librarian and head of the Department of Library Science. The origins of the School began in 1946 when Dr. Louis Shores was hired to direct the newly organized School. President Doak Campbell, named the new School “The School of Library Training and Service” (SOLTAS).

In 1968, the name became the School of Library Science; and in 1981, the name morphed into the School of Library and Information Studies. This name continued until 1996, when the name changed to the School of Information Studies. In 2005, the College of Information was created. A merger with two other schools to become the College of Communication and Information was completed in 2009, and the name changed to School of Library and Information Studies. The current name is the School of Information which was implemented in 2014.

For more information about the history of the School, refer to Dr. Mary Alice Hunt’s Transitions: the Informal History of a School in Celebration of Its 50th Anniversary available through Strozier Libraries here.

An Evening of iSchool Stories Series

Save the Date

Each event in the series will feature a 5-year segment of the 25 Years of Online Learning of students sharing their experiences with online learning. If you are interested in participating in one of these events in the series, click on this link.

Watch Event Recordings

10/08/2021 1996-2001 7-9 PM ET
11/19/2021 2001-2006 7-9 PM ET
01/28/2022 2006-2011 7-9 PM ET
02/25/2022 2011-2016 7-9 PM ET
03/25/2022 2016-2021 7-9 PM ET
04/08/2022 7-9 PM ET/6-8 PM CT Joint celebration with the University of Illinois iSchool

Dr. Amelia Gibgson

Srygley Lecture Series

Dr. Amelia Gibson

Prefigurative Information Politics: Strategies for Survival, Resilience, and Liberation

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Dr. Nicole A. Cooke

F. William Summers Lectures

Dr. Nicole A. Cooke

Tell Me Sweet Little Lies: Racism, Bias Confirmation, and the Disinformation Epidemic.

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Librarianship. A Changing Profession


A Changing Profession.
The Sara K. and Ted Srygley Lecture Series Volume 1


Historical videos

Enjoy a blast from the past by watching these videos from previous professors and students!!!



The Informal History of a School in Celebration of Its 50th Anniversary 1947-1997 by Dr. Mary Alice Hunt