Non-Library Careers

A Master of Science in Information prepares students for more than a traditional library career path. Here are some of the job titles your MSI degree may prepare you for:

Creative Project Manager
Director of Community Service
Web Analytics Manager
Information Resources Specialist
Technical Information Specialist
Documentation Specialist
GIS (Geographic Information System) Map Specialist
Digital Reference Librarian
Curator, Media Resource Center
Archival Consultant
Director of Emerging Technologies and Community Services
Architecture Library Assistant
Research Lead
Metadata Librarian
Teaching and Services Learning Coordinator
Acquisitions Team Lead
Head of Learning Resources Center
Freelance Researcher
Head of Access Services
Associate Archivist for Digital Initiatives and Records Management
Automation Coordinator
Associate Director, Technical Services
Associate Head, Content Acquisitions and Licensing
Manager, Information Services
Head of Information and Research Services
Business Research
Metadata Analyst
Metadata Specialist
University Archivist/Professor
Document Control Specialist and Archivist
Digital Manuscripts Project Manager
Library Digital Infrastructure and Technology Coordinator
Data Officer
Digital Services Manager
Assistant Visual Resource Manager at an art museum
Site Manager for a library software company
Digital Archives Systems Administrator
Web Project Manager
Records Management Manager for a law firm
Records and Information Manager for the Federal Trade Commission
Data Management Analyst
Information Management Officer
Senior Business Intelligence/Technical Analyst
Electronic Resourcing Specialist
Intelligence Associate
Information Research Specialist
Business Information Specialist
Research Coordinator
Assistant Director for User and Research Services
Member Data Manager for a professional organization
Database Administrator/Programmer
Department Head, Music, Film, and Audio
Technology Coordinator
Librarian Relations Manager for Thompson Reuters