FSU ALA Student Chapter Meeting, Oct. 25, 2015
FSU ALA Student Chapter (link on Facebook)

Florida State University’s School of Information offers an ALA-Accredited Masters in Information (MSI) degree ranked #11 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report among graduate programs in Library and Information Studies, and is ranked #1 for School Media and #7 for Youth Services. FSU’s ALA Student Chapter has won awards as #1 in the nation and #2 in the nation from the American Library Association. The School of Information also offers a Masters in Information Technology (MSIT) degree ranked #10 in the nation by US News and World Report, a PhD in Information degree, and two Bachelors degree majors in Information Technology (IT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

2016 Data, FSU School of Information

Full-time ALA Master’s Students: 45
Part-time ALA Master’s Students: 181
ALA Master’s Minority Student Enrollment: 69
Total ALA Masters Students (Headcount): 226
Total ALA Master’s Students FTE Enrollment: 147
ALA Masters Degrees Awarded in 2016: 118
Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded 2015-16: 182
Doctoral Degrees Awarded 2015-16: 12
Full-time Faculty: 25
Part-time Faculty: 5.65
Total FTE Enrollment to Full-time Faculty Ratio: 34:1
Total FTE Enrollment (all programs): 855.6
Median Wages of Graduates: $49,100
Full-time FTIC 6-Year Graduation Rate for Undergraduate Information Technology (2010 entry): 90.0%
Full-time FTIC 4-Year Graduation Rate for Undergraduate Information Technology (2012 entry): 90.2%
4 Year Graduation Rate for ALA Masters in Information (2012 entry): 90.2%
Retention Rate for ALA Masters (2012 entry): 95.1%
Job Titles of FSU ALA Masters in Information Graduates: [see list]