ICT Course List

Program Introduction

MMC 2000 Introduction to Mass Media

LIS 3353 Technologies for Information Professionals

LIS 2780 Database Concepts

LIS 3103 Info & Society

Technology Techniques and Research

LIS 3201 Research & Data Analysis for Information Professionals

LIS 3267 Information Science

ADV 4500 Advertising Research

RTV 3001 Media Techniques

Organizational Communication and Culture

ADV 3352 Mass Media Law

SPC 3210 Contemporary Human Communication

SPC 4710 Intercultural Communication

COM 3332 New Communication Technologies & Contemporary Society

LIS 3793 Information Architecture

Writing, Presentation and Promotion

PUR 3000 Introduction to Public Relations

ADV 3008 Principles of Advertising

ADV 3410 Hispanic Marketing

SPC 2608 Public Speaking


COM 3110 Communications for Business Professionals


COM 4470 Desktop Multimedia

COM 4330 Communication & the Internet

LIS 4368 Web Development

LIS 4301 Electronic Media Production

LIS 4366 Website Development and Administration

LIS 4277 Usability and Usefulness of Information Systems

LIS 4940 Internship

LIS 4941 IT Practicum

Special Topics, DIS, Honors, others as approved by advisor

Capstone Course

LIS 4910 IT Project