Graduate Internships

General Internships

The School of Information offers an Internship class each semester as an non-required elective. It is a S/U class (not A/B/C/D/F), can be taken for 1-6 credits, depends largely on you finding an internship that fits your needs, and aims to help you develop your experiences into something that will help you become more employable after graduation.

What is an internship?

As far as it concerns the School of Information, an internship is a class – with a professor and assignments and most of the things that you have in a regular class – that happens to take place outside of the classroom, and largely outside of the professor’s purview. While we recognize that internships can be other things to other organizations, the School considers it a class.

Can I have one without doing it for credit?

Yes. If you wish to have an internship that doesn’t count toward your degree – that you have for the experience and nothing else – you are free to do so.

What are the prerequisites?

•    Graduate students: minimum GPA of 3.0
•    Two core courses passed plus at least another two classes passed (core or elective)

Why do one?

How do I get one?

The first, best way to get an internship is to approach a place of work that you feel fits your interests and ask to speak with the appropriate person. It very, very much pays for you to do your homework ahead of time, and to approach seeking an internship like you would seeking a job: research the company, find the right person to talk to, and go make your pitch.

The next best way to get an internship is to use the both the School’s Internship listings and the College’s Internship listings:

iSchool Internships
CCI Internships

Companies, agencies, and organizations regularly contact us looking for interns, sometimes for one-off kind of project, sometimes for ongoing needs. We also have Facebook and Twitter pages that list internships as they come in, answer questions about internships, and serve as reminders about upcoming events and deadlines.

Can I have an internship in a place I already work?

It is possible, but it comes with several restrictions and caveats. You cannot have an internship doing a job you already do, but you can have one at a place you already work. Contact the Internship Coordinator for details.

What are the requirements of the class?

The first and sometimes most difficult “assignment” is the application itself, in which you are required to write the learning objectives for your internship, among other things. There is a video that describes this in more detail.

The class itself has one quiz (on the syllabus), three form-based assignments, three discussion board assignments, and two traditional writing assignments.

How many hours should I work for the internship?

We require 45 hours of work over the course of the semester for each credit you wish to earn; a standard three-credit class requires 135 hours over the course of the semester. In such a scenario, we would ask that you work 10 hours per week for the Fall and Spring semesters, which are 15 weeks long.

What is the process?

a.    Find a place to intern
b.    Set up the internship objectives and terms with the site supervisor
c.    Apply for the internship
d.    If accepted, we will register you for the class (you cannot register yourself)
e.    If rejected, work the suggested changes into the application and reapply

Florence internships

Each year, from the beginning of the Fall semester to mid-October, the School of Information assists the International Programs office in finding and vetting candidates for a fully funded opportunity to work and study in Florence, Italy, for the next academic year. These opportunities are only open to MSLIS majors; MSIT and undergraduates will not be considered. More information can be found here.

Applications are only accepted from the first day of the Fall semester through October 15 each year; any application sent outside of that time-frame will not be considered. The application can be found here.


We are certain that you have questions about general internships that are specific to your situation. Please do not hesitate to ask them of the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Chris Landbeck, at (850) 645-8694 or at