General Advising

Degree Requirements

Use the degree requirements page for your degree program to learn more about required core courses and approved electives. This page will also have a link to programs of study. You can choose one or more programs of study from which you may select elective courses. You can also ‘spend’ your elective courses towards a graduate certificate.

Advising Worksheet

Fill out your advising worksheet to plan out your degree and entire program of study. The Course Descriptions Page lists summaries of courses, along with links to flyers and sample syllabi. A link to the Graduate Course Rotation Schedule can be found at the top of the Graduate Course Descriptions Page. Use the Course Rotation Schedule to fill out the Advising Worksheet with your desired degree plan.

Optional Courses

You may complete an internship or work directly with a faculty member on a directed individual study (DIS) to conduct specialized research.


You should request a grad check in your final semester. Once you have confirmed you are eligible to graduate, you must apply for graduation.

The School of Information hosts a graduation reception each semester. This takes place the afternoon of the last day of exams.