Faculty Awards

(ISC)2 Foundation Scholarship
2005          Shuyuan Ho
2004          Shuyuan Ho

American Society for Information Science/Institute for Scientific Information Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award
1994          Corinne Jorgensen 

ALISE Award for Professional Contribution to Library and Information Science Education
2009          Paul Marty

ALISE Research Award
2007          Lorri Mon
2006          Marcia Mardis

ALISE Research Grant Award
1985          Chuck McClure

ALISE-Bohdan Wynar Research Paper Award
2000          Corinne Jorgensen

Alternative Exceptional Award Distinction
2014          Marcia Mardis

Amazon Web Services Education Research Grant Award
2015          Zhe He

AMCIS Doctoral Consortium Research Grant Award
2009          Shuyuan Ho

American Association of School Librarians Distinguished Service Award
2010          Marcia Mardis

American Association of University Women Recognition Award for Emerging Scholars
2001          Melissa Gross

American Society for Information Science Best Student Paper Award
1992          Corinne Jorgensen

Association for Library and Information Science OCLC/ALISE Grants
2016          Besiki Stvilia
2010          Corinne Jorgensen / Besiki Stvilia
2007          Melissa Gross, Don Latham
2004          Corinne Jorgensen
2003          Lorri Mon

AWS Cloud Credits for Research
2016          Zhe He

Berner-Nash Award for Outstanding Dissertation
2003          Michelle Kazmer

Best Paper Award, Museum Management and Curatorship
2007          Paul Marty

Best Poster Award, 2014 iConference
2014          Lorri Mon

Best Senior Honors Thesis in History
1994          Paul Marty

Burning Spear presents the Guardian of the Flame Award
2009          Dr. Ebrahim Randeree
2008          Dr. Christie Koontz

Campus Choice Award for Habitat Tracker System
2010          Paul Marty

CCI Leadership Award
2018          Lorri Mon

Charles Sturt University Visiting Scholar
2015          Paul Marty

COFRS Regular Summer Awards, Council of research and Creativity, Reviewer
2019          Michelle Kazmer
2013          Michelle Kazmer
2011          Michelle Kazmer
2008          Michelle Kazmer

College Leadership Board – Distinguished Faculty Award
2018          Lorri Mon
2017          Paul Marty
2016          Mia Lustria
2014          Linda Swaine
2013          Michelle Kazmer

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) – German Academic Exchange Service Faculty Research Visit Grant: Research Stay for University Academics and Scientists
2015          Nancy Everhart

Developing Scholar Award
2015          Marcia Mardis

Distance Learning Award for Excellence in Online Teaching of LIS 5564 Information Needs of Children
2014          Melissa Gross

Distinguished Lectureship (Research) Award
1986          Chuck McClure
1982          Chuck McClure

Distinguished Paper Award, American Medical Information Association Annual Symposium
2015          Zhe He

Distinguished Scholar Award
1997          Melissa Gross

Elfreda Chatman Research Award
2012          Melissa Gross
2007          Lorri Mon

Ernest A. Lynton award for Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty, (Nominee)
2009          Mia Lustria

Eugene Garfield-ALISE Doctoral Dissertation Award Certificate of Recognition
2004          Michelle Kazmer

Excellence in Online Course Design
2014          Christine Koontz

Excellence in Online Teaching Award
2015          Marcia Mardis

Excellence in Online Teaching Award (Nominee)
2016          Besiki Stvilia

FC2: A Sociotechnical Approach to Lawful Interception and Computational Assessment of Information Behavior to Protect Against Insider Threat
2015          Shuyuan Ho

First Year Assistant Professor Award
2016          Zhe He
2013          Shuyuan Ho
2010          Sanghee Oh

Finalist of Student Paper Competition – World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics
2015          Zhe He 

FSU Advisor of the Year
2018          Ebe Randeree

FSU Exceptional Accomplishments Award
2015          Nancy Everhart

FSU Faculty Travel Grant
2014          Michelle Kazmer

FSU Graduate Teaching Award (Nominated)
2014          Michelle Kazmer 

FSU School of Information Outstanding Faculty Award
2015          Marcia Mardis
2014          Don Latham
2013          Don Latham
2012          Ebe Randeree
2011          Mark Jowett
2010          Paul Marty
2009          Ebe Randeree
2008          Christie Koontz
2007          Gary Burnett

FSU School of Information Graduate Teaching Award
2018          Melissa Gross
2017          Don Latham
2016          Michelle Kazmer
2015          Christie Koontz

FSU School of Information Undergraduate Teaching Award
2018          Christy Chatmon
2017          Ebe Randeree
2016          Warren Allen
2015          Mark Jowett

FSU School of Information Outstanding Faculty Leadership/ Building Award
2019          Dr. Mia Liza A. Lustria
2018          Dr. Kathleen Burnett / Dr. Leila Gibradze
2017          Dr. Marcia Mardis / Dr. Warren Allen

FSU School of Information Faculty Research Award
2019          Dr. Zhe He
2018          Dr. Marcia Mardis / Dr. Yolanda Rankin
2017          Dr. Shuyuan Ho / Dr. Zhe He
2015          Dr. Marcia Mardis

FSU School of Information Faculty Teaching Recognition
2019          Dr. Kristen Guynes
2018          Dr. Lynne Hinant
2017          Associate Dean Ebe Randeree / Dr. Paul Marty

FSU Seminole Award (Faculty/Staff)
2017          Ebe Randeree

FSU Transformation through Teaching Award
2019          Christy Chatmon
2015          Melissa Gross
2013          Michelle Kazmer, Christine Koontz

FSU University Teaching Award
2018          Paul Marty
2016          Ebrahim Randeree, Marcia Mardis (Nominee)
2009          Ebrahim Randeree
2004          Paul Marty
1986          Doris H. Clack

Graduate Faculty Teaching Award
2016          Michelle Kazmer

Graduate Teaching Award
2017          Lorri Mon
2012          Michelle Kazmer
2009          Michelle Kazmer
2008          Michelle Kazmer
2007          Michelle Kazmer
2006          Michelle Kazmer
2005          Michelle Kazmer / Paul Marty

FSU Graduate Teaching Award (Nominated)
2014          Michelle Kazmer

Hazel C. Rediger Award for Intellectual Curiosity
2003          Paul Marty

Honors Thesis Mentor Award
2007          Mia Lustria

I Love Libraries (Nominee) – American Library Association
2015          Pamala Doffek

ICIS Security and Privacy Track Best Associate Editor Nominee Award
2016          Shuyuan Ho

Institute of Museum and Library Services Laura Bush 21st Century Library Program, Early Researcher Grant
2009          Marcia Mardis

International Workshop for Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction (SBP) Travel Award
2012          Shuyuan Ho
2009          Shuyuan Ho
2008          Shuyuan Ho

ITS Student Technology Fee
2015          Shuyuan Ho

Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Award
1995          Paul Marty

Jesse Shera Award for Distinguished Published Research
2003          Corinne Jorgensen

Jesse Shera, Best Research Paper of the Year
1990          Chuck McClure

Judy Pitts Research Mentor Award, Indiana University School of Library and Information Science and the Institute of Museum and Library Services
2002          Nancy Everhart

Librarian of the Year (Nominee) – Florida Library Association
2015          Pamala Doffek

Library Research Roundtable Award, American Library Association
1986          Chuck McClure
1979          Chuck McClure

LIS Faculty Study Tour of German Library Education
2009          Nancy Everhart

Margaret Hayes Grazier Award for Service to the School Library Media Profession
2004          Marcia Mardis

May Merrill Miller Award, Department of English Literature University of California Los Angeles
1977          Melissa Gross

Microcomputer in the Media Center Award, American Association of School Librarians
1998          Nancy Everhart

Most Interesting Preliminary Results Paper Award (Runner Up)
2016          Zhe He

NIH Future Research Leaders Conference Travel Award
2016          Zhe He

NSF Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) Program Travel Award
2012          Shuyuan Ho

OCLC/ALISE Research Grant Award
2003          Lorri Mon

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, Association for Library and Information Science Education
1991          Nancy Everhart

Outstanding Faculty Award
2014          Don Latham
2013          Don Latham
2010          Don Latham
2007          Don Latham
2004          Michelle Kazmer

Outstanding Faculty Member Award
2002          Melissa Gross

Outstanding Faculty Research Award
2015          Mia Lustria
2014          Marcia Mardis

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award
2017          Don Latham

Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award
2015          Marcia Mardis

Outstanding Student Leader Award (Graduate)
2014          Zhe He

Overseas Research Student and Overseas Trust Award
1995          Paul Marty

President’s Award for Technology in Learning
1997          Gary Burnett

Professional Development Award, Pennsylvania School Librarians Association
1993          Nancy Everhart

Provost Travel Award
2016          Zhe He
2015          Zhe He, Shuyuan Ho

Robert B. Downs Professional Promise Award
2006          Richard Urban

Rutgers University Faculty Academic Service Increment Program
1991          Kathleen Burnett

South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub Travel Award
2016          Zhe He 

School Librarianship Award, International Association of School Librarianship
2012          Nancy Everhart

Takeshi Murofushi Research Award
2008          Marcia Mardis
2005          Nancy Everhart

Thomson Reuters Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award
2014          Michelle Kazmer

Top Poster Award of Columbia University Postdoc Research and Career Symposium
2014          Zhe He

Staff Excellence Award for Extraordinary Service, Teamwork, and Commitment
2014          Leila Gibradze

Undergraduate Teaching Award (Nominee)
2008          Mia Lustria

University of Kentucky Commonwealth Research Award
2004          Mia Lustria 

University of Kentucky Dissertation Enhancement Award
2004          Mia Lustria 

Undergraduate Faculty Teaching Award
2016          Warren Allen